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Street Crosser

The Problem:

Sao Paulo have 11.3 million inhabitants and Close to 1,000 of them die every year by being run over. Brazil’s Verve Cultural invited us to create a project to raise awareness about one of the main social issues in Sao PaUlo: traffic accidents involving pedestrians.


The Solution:

3700m2 Canvas…

The FIESP is a 22-story building located right on Avenida Paulista which is one of Sao Paulo’s main traffic arterieS And it’s now been turned into a humongous 3700 m2 screen with 26,000 LED clusters.

Street Crosser Fiesp Building
Street Crosser Pixel power
Street Crosser Character Sheet

Let’s Get Physical

Arcades also inspired us when it came to creating the game controller. So we decided to build a physical control board with typical arcade buttons that would sit on top of a container on the other side of avenida paulista in front of the building façade where people would be playing the game.

Street Crosser Controller 01
Street Crosser Controller 02

Street Crosser was displayed at FIESP over four weeks. It was part of Mostra Play! 2014, an event showcasing international new media and animation artists.

Street Crosser Mostra Play
Street Crosser Photos


Street Crosser Credits


What’s Next?


The response to game was so good that we were convinced we wanted to bring this experience across other platforms to hopefully continue spreading awareness, while keeping it fun and entertaining. So we have released Street Crosser for mobile devices on the AppStore and Google Play – completely free.


Street Crosser 05