Chillhop Cruisin' Cloudchord G Mills - Artwork

Chillhop’s Cruisin’ Cover

Where would you be driving if you were in this car?

The amazing folks at Chillhop Records commissioned me the illustrated cover of their next single Cruisin’, brought to you by Cloudchord and G Mills, they aimed to create something fresh and gave me total artistic freedom.

In early March, both Cloudchord and G Mills performed to a sold out crowd in NYC. To close out March, it’s only right that they continue their progression with the collaborative single, Cruisin’. This is a song that welcomes the spring. While the entire world seems motionless, this is one to play when you need a getaway. This song knows exactly where you need to go.



Artists:  Cloudchord & G Mills

Label: Chillhop Records

Artwork & Animation: Jorge Artola



Chillhop Cruisin' Cloudchord G Mills - artwork sketch
Chillhop Cruisin' Cloudchord G Mills - artwork