TEN Idents

Ten is a TV station recently launched in Spain, featuring massive shows such as X-Factor, Top Chef, The Kardashians as well as several in-house productions.

Ten’s target audience is comprised primarily of females between 25 – 45 interested in a healthy lifestyle, foodies, who love travelling and are tech savvy. An audience looking for a daily dose of light and friendly entertainment, reality shows and showbiz news.

Ten approached us to create this set of six idents and gave us total freedom to put together a set of pieces to present its brand values with a strong sense of design.

Having so much freedom meant a really fun ride. Our approach consisted in juxtaposing a wide array of concepts such as travel, fitness, fashion, chic, food – among others – to create slightly surreal while at the same time light and stylized idents that would differentiate ten from Spanish TV status quo.

Our partners in crime Aural, skillfully crafted all sound and music creating a classy harmony of audiovisual style, wit and unpredictability.

Concept, direction, production, design, motion graphics, 3D & compositing: Binalogue
My role: Lead design & compositing