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eave, The European Audiovisuals Entrepreneurs, invited us to take on an interesting challenge: conceptualise, direct and design a full rebrand of their identity as well as an extensive set of applications. eave holds a reputation for providing multiple types of training, consulting and networking opportunities for aspiring and accomplished film professionals who thanks to EAVE have attained multiple grants, nominations and awards worldwide. Our rebrand guidelines needed to be flexible enough to respond to eave‘s needs and deliver their various types of content in a clear and effective manner while maintaining overall coherence and cool, long lasting design values.

eave rebrand logo

Star Icon 15° Rotation

The Star Icon should always be rotated
15 degrees, using its center point as the
rotation axis.
eave rebrand star icon

Corporate Color Palette

eave’s RED & GRAY corporate color palette has been expanded to include additional shades. These shades can be combined with each other freely as long as the integrity of the brand is not compromised.

eave rebrand color 01

Typeface Usage

Consistent use of our corporate typeface Avenir reinforces eave’s brand identity. When using Avenir Font, please use the “Optical” kerning option.
eave rebrand type

Workshops Logotypes

This logotypes were created for each one of
eave’s divisions. They are available in positive
and negative versions
eave rebrand workshop logos

Alternative Color Palettes

These are additional color palette
specifically created for the different
divisions within eave.
eave rebrand color 02

Claim Guidelines & Safe areas

It is very important that eave’s claim is
always displayed correctly. Do not modify
its colors and styling, and always use the
correct and relative positioning of all elements.
eave rebrand claim
Print Assets
Here are some example of
eave’s branding applications.
eave rebrand print
eave rebrand business cards 01
eave rebrand business cards 02
eave rebrand compliment card 01
eave rebrand Brochure
eave rebrand Brochure